Eventing is a sport with a strong worldwide following, reaching both National and International TV audiences. GB has been hugely successful in the sport and recent Olympic medal success has brought Eventing to an even wider public, it is also one of the few sports in which amateurs and professionals, men and women compete on equal terms.

Sam Penn is extremely grateful to all of her sponsors for their continued support.

Gatehouse have pioneered some major changes in headwear safety in recent years and are proud to be recognised by the British Standards Institute for consistency and high levels of test results. The extensive range means there will be a hat which will suit your needs whether you are having fun or competing at the highest level.

The concept behind BALANCED’ Horse feeds involves the practical and apparently obvious recognition that different categories of horses and ponies require different approaches to their feeding regimes.

Equilibrium are passionately dedicated to improving equine welfare and our mission is to create innovative, effective solutions to help horse owners like you solve common problems.

All Equilibrium’s products are of the highest quality and are made in a way that gives you confidence in their ability to perform and help you enjoy your horse.

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Sarah Harvey: The Photographer specialises in artistic equine photography, covering the whole of the south of England and beyond! Please look at my portfolio on the website and if you want to book a photo shoot then please call.

Voltaire Design relies on the long French tradition of saddle making. But Voltaire Design is also the first saddle maker to get help from the fashion industry in the designing of their products. As horse lovers, the sport spirit and nature are part of us; innovation is our daily engine.

The EQU StreamZ patented design provides a non-intrusive natural pain relief device to the equestrian community and provides a low cost and natural response to a variety of symptoms, by rebalancing compounds and minerals in the body. For a special EQU Streamz discount, use the code EVENTSTIG at checkout.

Hand crafted, limited edition bridles made from the finest English Sedgewick leather, inlaid with handmade Italian calfskin, in very small quantities.